Ministry Christmas Tree Permits

Get your free Christmas tree permit from the province online at the link below:

1. Click on “Sunshine Coast” for the permit document and take care to read the terms.

2. Click on “Sechelt North” or “Sechelt South” for maps showing where you can go find your Charlie Brown special!

Printable Christmas Tree Permits

2021 Road Deactivation

Over the last couple weeks, you have seen some high-intensity storm events and climate scientists are telling us that these rainfall events will become intense in the years to come.  How this affects our Community Forest is that our logging roads needs to be more resilient to these rainfall events.  Deactivation to restore and enhance hydrological function is key to this resiliency. 

What is road deactivation?  Why do we deactivate roads?

Forest road deactivation places a road in a stable state to prevent erosion and contain sediment, thus protecting adjacent resources such as aquatic habitats and water quality. Deactivation for water management is critical for maintaining surface drainage patterns so they are consistent with natural drainage patterns. A forest road may need to be temporarily deactivated before a period of inactivity, or permanently deactivated when work in the area is finished so that adjacent resources are indefinitely protected.

What is type of road deactivation can we expect in our Community Forest? 

During these fall months, SCCF will be actively deactivating roads within our cutblocks in the Halfmoon Bay, Wilson and Angus Creek operating areas.  You will see the construction of cross-ditches, waterbars, and dirt berms/barricades for controlling vehicle access on roads that have no further long-term harvesting plans.  Our main logging roads used frequently used by the community to get to the backcountry will still be maintained as 4×2 access, however some branch roads will have measures to control water including kickers and shallow waterbars able to be travelled by 4-wheel drive vehicles. 

A deactivated stream crossing will provide a stable and vegetated approach surface to protect the aquatic habitat and water quality.


Community Firewood Project

The goals of our firewood project are to:

  1. Provide a quality, reliable and affordable source of firewood for our community
  2. Engage vulnerable community members such as those with developmental delays or those experiencing mental health issues and/or addiction with employment opportunity above minimum wage
  3. Provide free firewood to people in our community who go without winter heat due to financial hardship
  4. Reduce the impact of firewood poaching on our forests
  5. Redirect logging waste to reduce slash piles, making better use of our timber resources and decreasing burning

How to get involved?

Volunteer.  Right now we are in need of volunteers primarily to buck logs, but there are also opportunities to help split and stack firewood.  If you want to get involved, please sign up at the link below.

Buy Firewood.  We currently already have a list of people wanting to buy firewood which exceeds the amount we have ready this season.  We have limited supply this year as we prioritize serving the vulnerable in our community who can’t afford alternative heat sources.  If you do not have the means to purchase firewood but need some, please use the form below or contact us directly.  Firewood will be sold at $300/cord, pro-rated to the size of the truck picking up the firewood, as most trucks will not hold a full cord.  For example the average standard sized pickup bed with wood stacked to 4″ above the top of the bed is 60% of a full cord, and will cost $180.

Sign up to our Firewood Sales list and/or to Volunteer

Tell Your Friends!  

Operating Plan Feedback

Read the full SCCF CFOP Engagement Summary Report or the Public Feedback Block Table Summary.


Thank you to those of us who joined us for our AGM on Monday!  For those who weren’t able to make it, the recorded meeting is available online.  We are grateful Habitat Ecologist Laurie Kremsater was able to join us for a presentation on Ecosystem Based Management.

Firewood Permits Extended

Thanks to all this rain the fire risk has returned to a low level, and we have opened up firewood permits for another week!  This applies to all permits for AN12.  This will be the last firewood permitted this season as the conditions can change very quickly in just a few days of dry heat and wind.

Please ensure you take fire safety precautions such as bringing a shovel, water, and/or fire extinguisher.

If you don’t have a permit yet, you can get your free permit online.

Operating Plan and Virtual Open House

Our 2021-2025 Operating Plan is available for public review and input.  Please visit the Operating Plan page for more information, to download the plan and maps, and find out about other opportunities to engage with us about the plan.

If you missed our Virtual Open House presenting our Operating Plan, you can watch the video here.

Firewood Permits Available

We have newly harvested areas available for firewood permits, and you can now get your permit online.  Please see our Firewood page for details, maps and to get your permit.

Road Work – Phare Lake

We are planning road work on the Sechelt Mine Road (Access to Phare Lake).

WHERE Starting from the top of Mason Road continuing to Crowston Road, just west of Phare Lake

WHAT Grading potholes, road resurfacing, ditching and various other activities.

WHEN This work started Feb 8th and should last about 2 weeks. The road will be open to the public during these works.

HOW During grading activities, beware of large rocks and sharp rocks that could damage vehicles until final grading is complete. Wait for the operator to wave you through once its safe to pass and please drive slowly around our contractors and their equipment. The purpose of the works is to remove the deep potholes and fix damage from the winter’s rainstorm events so that the public can have continued access to our Community Forests. We thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions or comments, please call Warren or Sara at the community forest office or email us at

Trail Closure: DeSoto

All trail users recreating around the Phare Lake area, please be aware we will be harvesting in the vicinity of the Desoto Trail.  The trail will be upgraded into a road for logging access and will be closed from Feb 15 to May 1, 2021.  We will post a trail closed notice signs on the trailhead near Over Easy and at the bottom of Desoto in advance.

For approximately 2 years we need to maintain access for activities such as tree planting, and firewood permits.  After our obligations are met, this road will be deactivated and turned back into a trail.

The following notice will be posted on Trailforks advising any out-of-town visitors of this closure as well.  “Desoto Trail closed from Feb 15 to May 1.  Harvest operations are in the area and on the Desoto trail. Watch for heavy equipment and lowbed trucks hauling on Halfmoon-Carlson Branch 3 FSR, Mine Road and Halfmoon-Carlson Branch 1/2 FSR.  Look for posted signage in the area for information, please obey signage and any trail closures.”

If you or other trail users have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Manager Warren Hansen directly at 604-885-7809.