Operating Plan

The Community Forest Operating Plan (CFOP) shows the planned operations for the community forest for a five year period.  It has been developed to provide the public with long term planning information and create an opportunity to incorporate public input into planning.

This year, the plan was made public on April 15th, 2021 for a two-month period of public review.  We engaged with members of the public and many community groups and local government over the course of the two month review period.  

Read the full SCCF CFOP Engagement Summary Report to the Community to find out what we heard and what we’re doing about it.

Download Plan and Maps:

Letter of Introduction

CFOP Guidelines – Public Review Draft

Table_1_-  Blocks_Information

Overview Map

Map 1 – Halfmoon Bay

Map 2 – East Wilson Creek

Map 3 – Angus Creek

Map 4 – Gray Creek