The SCCF and the Sunshine Coast Trails Society are offering a $500 reward for information leading to the identification of the individuals responsible for defacing and removing signs directing the public into the new Wormy Lake recreational site in Halfmoon Bay. Over the past few weeks several directional signs have been removed from the Halfmoon-Carlson FSR and the Mine Road while others have been defaced with offensive symbols. The RCMP and the Conservation Officer Service have been notified of this vandalism.  In addition to the vandalism of signs, disrespectful users have spoiled the recreational site by having exceptionally large bonfires, ruining the designated fire pit, and leaving large amounts of trash behind.

The Wormy Lake recreational site has been created by a group of hard-working volunteers for the benefit of all to enjoy.  Users are urged to use and enjoy the site but to leave it as good condition or better than they found it.

Tips can be reported to info1@sccf.ca or 604-885-7809.