The Sunshine Coast Community Forest, in consultation and cooperation with our shareholder the District of Sechelt, is pleased to announce that it has provided funding of approximately $110,000 to the Sechelt Fire Department for the purchase of a Type 2 Structure Protection Unit (SPU).

The purpose of the SPU is to provide outdoor fire protection to approximately 30 homes at a time. It is equipped with pumps, hoses, sprinklers, etc. that can be mounted on the roof of a home and on the ground right beside the home. The SPU is deployed with a five-person crew to set up the sprinkler system.

The SPU will be owned and maintained by the Sechelt Fire Department and will be available for use by all six fire departments on the lower Sunshine Coast, based on equipment sharing agreements currently in place. Training of the six fire departments’ personnel will be conducted by the Sechelt Fire Department.

The Community Forest would like to express our sincere thanks to Sechelt Fire Chief Trevor Pike, Deputy Chief Dwight Davison and Firefighter Bill Ellsner for their leadership and efforts to purchase and equip the Structure Protection Unit.