Several attempts, including Community Futures and the Sunshine Coast Regional District, were made to apply for a Community Forest under a Pilot Project process. In 2003, the District of Sechelt reviewed the reasons why these other initiatives failed and embarked on a different approach to the problem. This action was instrumental in initiating the new Direct Award Probationary process that resulted in invitations to 28 other communities. 

This effort was rewarded in not only successfully getting an application approved under the new process, but the District of Sechelt was one of the first in the Province to have their application approved and granted a Community Forest Tenure license. 

What is a Community Forest?

It is an area based tenure issued by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations under the Forest Act to a community or society.  The SCCF Community Forest Agreement is a 25 year permanent tenure.

A Community Forest is an opportunity to manage a specified forest area, called “area based”, and sustainably harvest the timber in a way that benefits the community.

A Community Forest is managed based on community values.  The challenge in managing a community forest is balancing all values and stakeholders needs in the community.  This includes recreation, the environment, business, education and providing employment.

The Sunshine Coast Community Forest is comprised of three distinct operating areas. Click here to open map which shows the three areas in green.