Wood Expo

Wood Expo 2018 - Poster2018 WOOD EXPO – SEPTEMBER 15

The fourth annual Wood Expo was held on September 15, 2018 at the Seaside Centre in Sechelt. The day began with a bit of rain and attendance was low but as the weather cleared up so did the attendance increase. Overall it was a fabulous day with 24 exhibitors showing their varied creations to over 1200 enthusiastic attendees. We had furniture, toys, homes, driftwood art, kitchen utensils, a hand-carved life-size ballerina, a Gatling gun and so much more. Darcy Gertz provided entertainment by using his chainsaw to turn a five-foot log into a bearded man; Jimmy and Elder Dougan gave rides to many happy kids in their hand-made wooden cars; Several Sunshine Coast Woodcrafters Guild members were on hand showing many different items that can be created from a simple 2×4; Dominic Main showed the beauty hidden within tree roots; and the list goes on.

The Wood Expo has been gaining momentum since the inaugural show in 2014. We are averaging over 1100 attendees per year and every year new woodworkers emerge to present their artistry. The exhibitors come from all over the Sunshine Coast and feature artists, wood carvers, furniture makers, home builders, boat builders, and more. So very many ways that wood can be utilized. Here is but a sample of the items displayed this year …

  Optimized-Jerry Frost Optimized-Oyster Bay 1Optimized-Treenware 1WE - Newmanpost-we16-jimmy-dougan-1WE - MurdochWE - VandermaasWE - GertzWE - Hilton

If you work with wood and are interesting in participating in a future Wood Expo please send an email to info1@sccf.ca or call 604-885-7809 and tell us what you do.