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welcome to the sunshine coast community forest
Welcome to the
Sunshine Coast Community Forest

Community First

Our mission is to create a legacy for our citizens by being exceptional stewards of our forest
by balancing the environmental, economic & social aspirations of the community

We've shared our 2024-2028 Operating Plan for community feedback

The feedback period is June 1st - July 15th, 2024. We invite you to have a look at our upcoming plans and share what you think.


The Community Forest provides personal use firewood at no cost and has created a program to supply firewood to those in need

What is the Sunshine Coast Community Forest?
sunshine coast community forest SCCF

an agreement to manage timber harvesting under jurisdiction of the shíshálh Nation and the Province of BC

sunshine coast community forest SCCF

3 areas totalling 10,800 hectares, the Community Forest accounts for 1.2% of logging on the Sunshine Coast

sunshine coast community forest SCCF

4,300 hectares or 40% of the Community Forest is reserved by legal or voluntary measures to minimize the ecological footprint of operations

sunshine coast community forest SCCF
Planning for the future matters

Ecosystem Based Management (EBM); a strategy for healthy, resilient forests

Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund is one of the ways the Community Forest gives back to its community.


It's a program that issues grants to eligible groups for projects that will offer lasting benefit to the Lower Sunshine Coast community.

Is your project eligible? 


Over $3 million contributed

by the Community Forest

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