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The Sunshine Coast Community Forest Legacy Fund (the Legacy Fund) has been established by the District of Sechelt (the District) to provide funding for community projects that have the potential to offer lasting benefits to the people of the lower Sunshine Coast community.

Funding for the Legacy Fund will be from dividends paid by the Sunshine Coast Community Forest (SCCF), as determined by the SCCF Board of Directors.

Application Procedures

1. Submit a letter of intent.


Community groups, non-profit groups, and public sector agencies wishing to apply for funding from the SCCF Legacy Fund should first submit a letter of intent. A letter of intent can be submitted anytime.  


Update Feb 2023: The application now includes a requirement to upload most recent financial statements and also outline how the funding will be recognized.

2. Letters of intent are reviewed after the deadline for receipt of letters has passed. 


The annual deadline for Letters of Intent is May 1st, and for those invited to submit a full application the deadline is June 15th. 

3. All applicants will receive notification of the Committee's decision regarding their letter of intent.


4. Successful applicants will be asked to submit a full application.

Submitting a full application


Proponents asked to submit a comprehensive application are to use the online application form. Complete all project details and provide sufficient information to allow the Assessment Committee to fully evaluate the merits of the project. Each application must include a completed budget using our Budget Template - please modify the descriptions to match the cost categories of your project.  The proposal must clearly identify what aspect of the project is intended to be supported by the Legacy Fund.

Applicants must acknowledge that, should funding be provided, they agree to be featured in promotional materials associated with the program/project and in SCCF's annual report, subject to applicable privacy considerations, at SCCF's discretion.

Proposals are to be submitted electronically using the online forms:

Letter of Intent Online Form

Legacy Fund Online Application

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:


  • Alignment with the provisions of the Sunshine Coast Community Forest Legacy Fund Bylaw.

  • Demonstrated level of community support for the project.

  • Summarize how the project will become a community asset.

  • Proponents should have a solid track record in the community and be an established, fiscally sustainable entity.

  • Preference will be given to community projects which are ready to be developed. Funds must be used in a timely, efficient manner.

  • Confirmation that funds awarded are intended for a capital project, and not for planning, administration or routine operational expenses.

  • Proposals should demonstrate how opportunities for local workers, contractors and manufacturers will be created, to the extent possible.

  • Proposals that foster partnerships between local governments and the public are encouraged.

  • Proposals where funding from the Legacy Fund results in matching funds or that will be combined with funds from other sources, such as infrastructure grants, are also encouraged.

  • Funds must be used for the purpose defined in the application. Any surplus funds shall be returned to the Legacy Fund unless otherwise approved by the Assessment Committee.

  • Ten percent of the granted amount will be held back until completion of the project and receipt of a final written summary.

  • The written summary of the project, including a list of expenses associated to the project, must be submitted to the Assessment Committee upon completion of the project prior to release of the final holdback.

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