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2024 Call for Directors

Our board of directors makes strategic decisions and develops policy to ensure the sustainable management of the community forest, both the tenure area and the organization. Our Directors are community members just like you and they provide leadership, foster community engagement, and provide high-level direction and oversight in alignment with our mission and vision, which they create.


To create a legacy for our citizens by being exceptional stewards of our forest by balancing the environmental, economic and social aspirations of the community.


The Sunshine Coast Community Forest is committed to being a leader in ecosystem-based management, and to steward our tenure in a sustainable, respectful manner that advances all our communities.



Being a director on a board sometimes presents unique challenges - how do we make decisions as a group when we don't agree? These are the personal characteristics we expect from directors to ensure a positive and meaningful experience for each director on our board:

1. High ethical standards and integrity in professional and personal dealings;

2. Ability and willingness to raise potentially controversial issues in a manner that encourages dialogue;

3. Flexibility, responsiveness and willingness to consider change;

4. Ability and willingness to listen to others;

5. Capability for a wide perspective on issues; and,

6. Ability to work as a team member.

Directors of our board must also possess the following core competencies to fulfill their duties, which may have been obtained through life experience, education, self-directed learning, or some combination:

1. Well-developed faculty for critical analysis;

2. Basic financial literacy, including an ability to read financial statements and understand

the relevance to planning, performance measurement and accountability;

3. Appreciation of the unique role of SCCF Ltd as the entity operating the Sunshine Coast Community Forest;

4. Thorough knowledge of the responsibilities and duties of a director; and,

5. Ability to distinguish corporate governance from management.

There are also several areas of skills, knowledge and experience which the board as a whole must have to make effective decisions, and each individual director is expected to have at least one of:

1. Interpersonal – significant experience at a senior level managing the operations of a commercial, non-profit or government entity and demonstrated skills in team work, consensus building and conflict resolution

2. Business – experience in operating a business in British Columbia and/or on a Board of Directors of a business entity

3. Accounting and Finance – accounting and financial expertise including financial management,

accounting knowledge or education, and auditing enterprises

4. Legal/Regulatory – a law degree or experience working in, or significant knowledge of the issues associated with a commercial entity regulated by statute.

5. Resource Industries

Forestry – knowledge and experience with respect to forestry in BC, including environmental and safety compliance issues.

Non-timber Resource Knowledge – experience and knowledge of non-timber resource activities such as recreation, bio-diversity and environmental management.

6. Communications – experience in developing and/or leading communications programs including Marketing, Public Relations, and Social Media Expertise:

7. Community, Stakeholder and First Nation Relations – experience with consultation processes with local governments, stakeholders, NGOs and/or indigenous interests.

8. Local knowledge - with respect to geographical, historical, ecological and cultural aspects of the community forest and the communities it serves.

Disqualifications include:

  • Must not be an employee of the Sunshine Coast Community Forest or our shareholder, the District of Sechelt

  • Must not hold elected public office of any type

If you are interested in being a director, you will need to agree to our Code of Conduct and Board Rules so please read these before you express an interest. This is an appendix of our Corporate Governance Policy which is our most significant organizational policy, written and enforced by our board, defining how our board and staff fulfill their duties. Reviewing this document is recommended before expressing an interest in being on our board.

If you wish to express an interest in joining our board, please contact us by phone 604-885-7809 or email


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