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BC National Forest Week Sept 17-23, 2023

Celebrating Forests in British Columbia and in Canada!

National Forest Week is an annual coast to coast celebration of forests occurring the third week of September.

Closer to home, and celebrating western forests, is BC National Forest Week.

The intent of Forest Week is to invite Canadians to learn more about our shared forest heritage and increase awareness about this invaluable and renewable resource.

Forests sustain our communities, are the source of livelihoods, the canvas of our adventures, and the guardians of our way of life. They are the lungs of planet earth and we're excited to share some of the learning resources here so that you can dive deeper into the forest!

Learn & Teach!

The National Forest Week-BC Coalition (NFW-BC) provides free services and materials to teachers regarding forests, forest stewardship, and the forest environment, with a focus on the K-12 curriculum, year-round.

They will send the materials, for free, upon completion and submission of the request form.

BC Tree, Wood, and Cone Teacher Resources

The BC coalition has produced a Teacher Resource Kit as a tool to provide teachers or volunteer forest classroom educators with a package of material to base a lesson plan upon regarding the main BC trees.

The coalition has also produced a Tree Cone Lesson Kit. It contains lesson plan information regarding nine BC tree selections, including seeds from each cone type, as well as matching exercises.

Download Canada's Forests Teaching Kit for free to use in classrooms or at home


“Interviews with Plants” YouTube series will assist nature enthusiasts in learning to identify native coastal British Columbia flora, including trees, shrubs, and herbs

Explore even more resources:

The Community Forest

We're on a mission to share the secrets of our collective woodlands through immersive educational walks. Our most recent adventure saw us teaming up with the talented artisans of the Suncoast Woodcrafters Guild.

Our goal is simple yet profound: to create a legacy for our citizens by being exceptional stewards of our forest using the innovative Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) protocol. What better way to achieve this than by taking you on an educational journey that allows you to better understand EBM and how it applies to our unique forest? Get in touch if this is something you'd like to organize with a group or organization.

But that's not all! We've also been hard at work, delving into research and compiling insightful reports about our Community Forest. These documents are a treasure trove of knowledge. And as always, please reach out if you'd like to know more. Our social media is also a great resource for staying abreast of our activities.

Check out the latest research conducted in the Sunshine Coast Community Forest here.

Learn about our Forest Stewardship activities and how we're incorporating progressive, wholistic forest management practises here.

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