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Give feedback on our 2022-2025 Operating Plan by Jan 31st 2023

Our current Operating Plan was published on November 28, 2022 for public review and comment, after launching with a presentation and Open House at the Seaside Center with over 30 guests from the community. Written feedback is uniquely valuable in being able to accurately report on what people in the community are asking or telling us about our plans, however we also welcome anyone interested in discussing our plans or their interests in the community forest to reach out to us by phone or e-mail, at any time of the year.

For the purposes of collecting feedback on this year's draft plan, the deadline for comments is January 31, 2023.

1. Review the following:

2022-2025 Draft Operating Plan

2022-2025 CFOP Guildlines - Draft
Download PDF • 491KB

Block Table

2022-2025 Operating Plan Block Table
Download PDF • 464KB

Operating Plan Block Map

Download PDF • 5.08MB

2. Fill out the Feedback Form here >

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