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about us

our purpose is to ensure the viability of community forest initiatives, to provide education on community forestry issues and to practice forestry as a strategy for ecosystem resilience and community economic development

2024 Call for directors

We are currently seeking directors for our board. Expressions of interest must be received by March 29th, 2024.  

Our Mission

Creating a legacy for our citizens by being exceptional stewards of our forest by balancing the environmental, economic, and social aspirations of the community. 

Our Vision

The Sunshine Coast Community Forest is committed to being a leader in ecosystem-based management, and to steward our tenure in a sustainable, respectful manner that advances all our communities 

The Community Forest provides an opportunity to sustainably harvest local timber according to the values

and needs in the community. This includes recreation, environmental sustainability, business,

education, and employment opportunities. 


The proceeds from timber sales go back into the community in a variety of ways including community donations and sponsorships, enhancing recreational opportunities by funding trail building and

habitat restoration, and Legacy Fund grants. 

sunshine coast community forest SCCF board of directors
Board of Directors

Our volunteer Board of Directors is made up of local Sunshine Coast residents with a broad range of knowledge and interests.  They are active members of our community, and many of them are involved with other community groups through participation, volunteerism, and leadership roles.  Common interests among those who seek involvement with the Community Forest include: outdoor recreation, promoting biodiversity and resilient ecosystems, supporting our community through economic opportunity, and providing a locally grown sustainable wood supply. 

We publish our board meeting minutes here

These are the board committees that work to implement the Community Forest's strategy in alignment with its Purpose, Vision & Mission:

Corporate Governance Committee

Nominations and Board Development Committee

Executive Committee

Audit Committee

SCCF Legacy Fund Assessment Committee



And you can read more about board activities and these committees in our Corporate Governance Policy:


Interested in joining us?


Check out our FAQ section below for more information and please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Meet the current Board
Meet the Board

Using their experience, unique skills and hard work to turn the mission and vision of the Sunshine Coast Community Forest into a reality are Warren, Sara & Karen. When they're not in the forest or in the community you can find them at the office on Teredo St. in Sechelt, BC. Click their picture to learn more!

Meet the Staff
Board of Directors FAQ

Directors seeking appointment should be prepared to serve for a 2 year term.  Many Directors go on to serve additional terms.  All Directors are required to attend at least eight meetings each year, to participate on at least one Committee and to comply with our Code of Conduct. 

Directors are appointed at our Annual General Meeting held each spring. In March each year, we advertise that we are seeking Directors, and receive applications from interested parties.  These applications are reviewed by our Nominations Committee with special consideration for areas of expertise desired on the Board, such as ecology, communications, and accounting.  The Nominations Committee makes recommendations to the Board, and the Board makes recommendations to our shareholder, the District of Sechelt. After considering the recommendations, the District of Sechelt makes the decision to appoint the next Directors in the form of a motion at our Annual General Meeting. This process can take two to three months. 

The District of Sechelt is the only shareholder of the Community Forest, and it is a completely separate organization operating at an arm’s length.  The influence the shareholder can have over the organization is limited to deciding who they appoint to lead it, making Director appointments a very important decision. 

We suggest reading the Corporate Governance Policy document found here

if you're interested in joining our board and want to know more about what is entailed, what the qualifications are, what types of committees exist at the board level and what each of their purposes are.

Please call or email us if you have more questions that you haven't found the answers to here!

Interested in serving as a Director of the Community Forest?




Please get in touch and let us know

a bit about yourself.

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