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sunshine coast community forest firewood permit

firewood permits

Firewood Permits Open Fall 2023

Permits are available in HM70 in Halfmoon Bay, between Trout Lake and Big Trees.  This is the only area we currently have firewood permits available, and it first opened in May of 2023.  Past areas are now closed for a variety of reasons including that there is no usable wood left, the areas have been replanted, or the roads have been deactivated.

HM70 Firewood Permit Online Form

Download PDF Location Map or Block Map

sunshine coast community forest firewood permit
About the permits

During logging, our contractors are asked to pile waste wood suitable for firewood separately from other debris and at roadside to provide access for those looking to collect their own firewood.

Our firewood permit program generally runs from fall until spring, closing during forest fire season.  We follow the BC provincial government’s Danger Class Rating system and we only issue permits when it is 1 or 2.  


We provide updates on the status of firewood permits in our Newsletter - sign up to stay informed.

We're interested in ensuring our community has safe, reliable access to firewood and recognize that not all community members are in a position to obtain their own firewood from our blocks.  This is why we created our Firewood Program, but we are also looking to support commercial firewood suppliers on the Sunshine Coast.  In order to supply firewood commercially, you need to have access to a premises to operate where you can receive logs to process for firewood.

If you're interested in providing firewood commercially, please contact us to see how we may be able to help.  


The Ministry of Forests sometimes has firewood permits available for recently logged areas locally, which are outside of the community forest.  You can find out what areas they have available and get your free personal use permit on their website. 

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