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sunshine coast community forest documents


The Community Forest values transparency, environmental research and sharing of information with local community groups.

Find the latest published documents pertaining to

operations, finance & Board of Directors below.

Research and reports can be found here >

Governing Documents

2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Corporate Governance Policy

Governin Docs
Forestry Planning

Invasive Plant BMP

Forest Management Plan 2018

Coastal Legacy Special Trees BMP

SCPI Forest Stewardship Plan 2018

2022 Ecosystem Based Management Brief

Community Forest Agreement K3F

Community Forestry Operating Plan 2021

Audited Financial Statements
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Board Mtg Mins

2023 Feb

2022 Jun

2023 Jan

2022 May

2022 Dec

2022 Mar

2022 Nov

2022 Feb

2022 Oct

2022 Jan

2022 Sep

2021 Dec

Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

2021 Nov Communications Committee

2021 Aug Governance Committee

2021 Aug Communications Committee

2021 Jun Governance Committee

2021 Jul Communications Committee

2021 Jun Communications Committee

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