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firewood program

The Community Forest started a Firewood Program in 2021 due to the unmet need for firewood in our community.  We had been referring people looking for firewood to local suppliers who were not taking new clients, receiving unprecedented reports of timber poaching for firewood, and thought helping meet the need for firewood could help address both problems.

By providing employment to people with barriers to traditional employment, we have also addressed other needs in the community learned what it means to be an inclusive employer.  We were so grateful to have this recognized as a finalist for an Untapped Award.


Currently, due to our spring logging being postponed, we do not currently have any firewood available, and are unsure at whether or not we will be able to provide any firewood for this winter.  We are trying different avenues, and will also pass on any leads for other suppliers if we learn of anyone selling legally sourced wood taking new clients .  If you are looking for firewood for purchase, or if you are experiencing financial difficulty and are in need of free firewood, please use the link below to sign up.  Continue seeking other sources as we do not expect to be able to meet all the demand.  The Community Forest makes up about 1% of logging on the Sunshine Coast.  We are doing our best, and signing up will help us to understand the unmet need in the community.  This helps us to encourage organizations logging here to do their part 

Get involved!

We're looking for volunteers who can assist us. Can you split & stack wood, buck logs, or assist in delivering wood? Please sign-up using the link below.

Are you interested in buying firewood - for yourself or for someone else - through the program? Let us know!

sunshine coast community forest firewood program
The goals of our Firewood Program are to: 

  • Provide a quality, reliable and affordable source of firewood for our community 

  • Engage vulnerable community members such as those with developmental delays or those experiencing mental health issues and/or addiction with employment opportunity at a living wage 

  • Provide free firewood to people in our community who go without winter heat due to financial hardship 

  • Reduce the impact of firewood poaching on our forests 

  • Redirect logging waste to reduce slash piles, making better use of our timber resources and decreasing burning 

sunshine coast community forest firewood program
For those able to collect and cut their own firewood, our free personal-use firewood permits are available online. 
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