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sunshine coast community forest wood expo

wood expo

Showcasing the Sunshine Coast's
talented wood users
sunshine coast community forest wood expo

Wood Expo 2023

Saturday, September 16, 2023

10am - 2:30pm

Seaside Centre

5790 Teredo St, Sechelt, BC

Origins of the Wood Expo

It began as an idea to introduce the general public to the many ways that wood, much of it from our local forests, can be and is used in our lives.

When we began looking around for users of wood, we were delighted to discover that we have many tremendously talented people right here on the Coast who can take what many might see as a plain or disfigured piece of wood and turn it into a beautiful, one of a kind piece. Some use electric tools, some use hand tools, some make large pieces, some make small pieces. And amazingly, among the woodworkers who share a genre, none of the pieces are alike.

The Wood Expo has been gaining momentum since the inaugural show in 2015. We can host 20 to 25 exhibitors and are averaging over 1100 visitors per year. If you work with wood and are interesting in participating in a future Wood Expo please use this form to tell us what you do.

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