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Firewood Permit Form

Please note: your permit will be sent to you in an email to the email address you provide below. 

Which block/s are you applying for?

Please read the following conditions of use:

  1. Cut and remove only roadside logging waste within the block boundaries shown on the accompanying map. NO CUTTING OF STANDING TIMBER, SNAGS OR WINDFALL IS PERMITTED. Cutting and removing firewood from reserve areas identified on the Permit Map is prohibited

  2. No cutting of special forest products such as blocks, shake blanks, fence posts or rails is permitted. Extraction of firewood is restricted to manual removal; no mechanized yarding or skidding is allowed. Extraction of any log over 6 feet in length is prohibited

  3. Any debris resulting from firewood cutting must be removed from any road surface, ditch or watercourse. No litter is to be left on the Permit Area

  4. This permit must be kept in the vehicle being used for the transporting of personal, domestic firewood and be available for inspection by a designated SCCF representative, Forest Officer, Conservation Officer or Peace Officer

  5. The Permittee must observe all pertinent Fire Prevention Regulations and if operating a power saw, carry with him/her a fire extinguisher charged with no less than 0.225 kg of fire extinguishing chemical and keep a round-nosed shovel at the power saw refuelling point

  6. I understand the personal information I supply may be used for administration of the permit including being provided to Natural Resource Officers, Conservation Officers, or Peace Officers or may be used to contact me in the event the permit needs to be suspended for unforeseen reasons such as fire risk

I agree to all conditions of use

An error occurred. Please ensure all mandatory fields have been filled in. If you need help please contact us for assistance

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