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EBM Series: Intro

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Considerations for planning Ecosystem Based Management in the Community Forest includes ecosystems and all of their living things, including humans and their interactions within that environment in the Community Forest and adjacent area.

What can we do today to ensure that our forest ecosystems are resilient to climate change and support our various community needs now and in the future?

An Ecosystem Based Management strategy has biodiversity and ecosystem conservation, social , and economic community needs as three key pillars. The objective is to achieve a balance between the three but recognizes that in the long term if we don't do a good job of maintaining fully functioning forest ecosystems, we will not have forests in a condition that will meet our sociocultural and economic needs in the future.

Focusing on biodiversity and ecosystem conservation as a key pillar, we focused this past year on working with a team of respected biologists with experience in the Ecosystem Based Management planning for the Great Bear Rainforst. Follow along here as we share what we've learned and explore the three pillars of EBM.

Read the next article in our series which is all about the first pillar: Biodiversity & Ecosystem Conservation

Interested in joining our Community Advisory Panel? We're looking for community members to assist us in our management strategy as it pertains to the social & economic community needs pillars.

Please reach out to us via email to find out more and/or express your interest!


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