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EBM Series: Part 2

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Economic Benefits to the Community

Steele Creek Bridge Project 2022

Introducing the Legacy Fund

A Community Forest Economic Impact Initiative

We are often asked "What is a Community Forest?" The answer is found right in our name: We Are Community.

The Community Forest is responsible for roughly 1% of the logging on the Sunshine Coast and 100% of the financial benefits are invested into our communities through programs, donations and grants. An important part of this is the Sunshine Coast Community Forest Legacy Fund, which has been providing grants for projects that offer lasting benefit to the Lower Sunshine Coast community for almost 10 years. The Community Forest has contributed over 3.3 million to the Legacy Fund since it was created in 2014, and interest earned grows the fund each year, providing long-term economic benefit for generations of our community.

Did you Know?

One of the first grants from the Legacy Fund was $100k to restore the iconic Davis Bay Wharf. This great leveraged $150k in provincial funding and was made possible through volunteer efforts of the local community association and other generous supporters. This is just one of the stories about the difference our grants have made to the community. To learn about some of the others or how to apply for funding check out our page:

Benefit Beyond Profit 

Financial profits going back to the community is just scratching the surface of the Community Forest’s economic benefit. Logs sold into our community are worth more than the dollars they are sold for: they also create jobs at local and small mills, turn into local homes, decks, furniture and other products, and provide opportunity for local millers and woodcrafters to hone their skills. Over the past three years, we are grateful to have been able to make 42% of our log sales right here on the Sunshine Coast, with the rest going to value-added manufacturers in BC.  Most of our logs are used to make long-lived products that will store carbon for 25+ years, long after the forests they came from are replanted and growing strong.


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