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2021 Firewood Project

The goals of our firewood project are to:

  • Provide a quality, reliable and affordable source of firewood for our community

  • Engage vulnerable community members such as those with developmental delays or those experiencing mental health issues and/or addiction with employment opportunity above minimum wage

  • Provide free firewood to people in our community who go without winter heat due to financial hardship

  • Reduce the impact of firewood poaching on our forests

  • Redirect logging waste to reduce slash piles, making better use of our timber resources and decreasing burning

How to get involved?

Volunteer. Right now we are in need of volunteers primarily to buck logs, but there are also opportunities to help split and stack firewood. If you want to get involved, please sign up here.

Buy Firewood. We currently already have a list of people wanting to buy firewood which exceeds the amount we have ready this season. We have limited supply this year as we prioritize serving the vulnerable in our community who can't afford alternative heat sources.

If you do not have the means to purchase firewood but need some, please contact us directly.

Firewood will be sold at $250/cord, pro-rated to the size of the truck picking up the firewood, as most trucks will not hold a full cord. For example the average standard sized pickup bed with wood stacked to 4" above the top of the bed is 60% of a full cord, and will cost $180.


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