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Economic Impact Study

An economic impact report by international consulting firm MNP shows the continuing importance of the forest industry to the province of B.C.

The report, commissioned by a group of industry trade associations representing every region of the province, and endorsed by Resource Works Society, shows the forest products manufacturing industry is still a mainstay of the provincial economy from Victoria to Fort St. John, and remains the economic driver of at least 40 per cent of the province’s communities and the people who live in them.

Jobs, revenues to government, economic trickle-down to communities, innovation and sustainability: all are highlighted in the MNP report, which puts hard numbers to the ongoing story of the forest industry as an economic leader in B.C.

Highlights of the MNP report include: • The BC forest industry contributes $12 billion annually to the provincial GDP. • 146,000 jobs in BC depend on a healthy forest industry. • 1 in 16 jobs in BC is tied to the forest industry, and 40% of BC’s regional economies are dependent on forestry. • BC is the largest producer of softwood lumber in Canada (52%). • BC is the largest producer of bioenergy in North America. • 23% of all rail traffic in BC is forest products. • 8.5% of all cargo shipments through Port Metro Vancouver are forest products. • 60% of all BC Hydro’s industrial revenues come from the forest industry.


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