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Free Seedlings for Earth Day!

For Earth Day 2020, we have native species seedlings to give away! We selected Choke Cherry, Indian Plum, and Kinnickinick based on drought tolerance, fire smart properties, and consideration for our native pollinators. These are great choices for landscaping birds and bugs will love, or even better to replace invasive vegetation in your area! Email to arrange a no-contact pick-up or drop-off.

We encourage everyone to use this physically distant Earth Day as an opportunity to educate themselves on invasive species. We are highlighting Scotch Broom because it is easily recognizable by its’ bright yellow flowers and is abundant on the coast. This beautiful plant was brought to the West Coast as an ornamental in the 1850’s however it poses such a high risk and is so well established that it is currently on BC’s Priority Invasive Species list. It is extremely prolific with a mature plant producing thousands of seeds which can remain viable for decades! It is also unfortunately an extreme fire risk, as these oily plants can dramatically escalate a fire’s intensity.

Not surprisingly, on the Sunshine Coast we have such an amazing community that many volunteer “Broom Busters” including the Halfmoon Bay Community Association, Sargent Bay Society and Sunshine Coast Natural History Society have been tackling this and have made short work of it in and around Sargent’s Bay, at the Sechelt Marsh, and along Redrooffs Rd. If you see this plant please consider taking the time to dig it up, ensuring proper disposal. DO NOT put it in your green waste bin. Currently the Halfmoon Bay Fire Dept. is accepting it in the vacant lot beside the hall. Please contact us if you need help with disposal. 

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