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Harvesting and Road Deactivation Tenders

Please note that a contractor may bid on both tenders, but will only be eligible to be awarded one contract, not both.

EW24 Roadbuilding and Harvesting

The Sunshine Coast Community Forest requires qualified, Safe Certified contractors interested in harvesting approximately 6,300 m3 of timber and building or reopening 0.6km of logging road in the Hudson Creek area. It is anticipated that the roads would be built in September 2022 and harvesting would be between October and November 2022. Note that this previously went to tender in Spring of 2022. Due to factors outside of our control this work was delayed, and all bid packages were returned unopened.

Road Deactivation

We are also seeking contractors to deactivate 16km of logging road in the Community Forest tenure areas of Phare Lake, Wilson Creek and Angus Creek. .  It is anticipated that the roads would be deactivated between September 2022 and November 2022.  


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