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iNaturalist Collaboration to Find Northern Goshawk in the Sunshine Community Forest

The 2023 Northern Goshawk Assessment Report for the Community Forest is in and we're taking it even further with iNaturalist!

We're collaborating with iNaturalist pro and local expert Rand Rudland, and we ask for your help in looking for Northern Goshawks.

High level summary of the report:

On July 7th and 8th of 2023, Anna Yuill (RPBio) of McTavish and Laurie Kremsater (RPBio, R.P.F.) of LLK Consulting conducted site surveys in the Halfmoon Bay and the Wilson Creek tenure areas to assess the current inventory of Northern Goshawk laingi subspecies. Despite their efforts, no nests were discovered, and no detections were made.

Did you know?

A red-listed species or ecosystem is at risk of being lost (extirpated, endangered or threatened). The Northern Goshawk is provincially red-listed and designated as Threatened under Schedule 1 of the Species at Risk Act.

The team also conducted desktop research and the closest known historical sighting was near Earls Cove / Ruby Lake, about 25 km away. They also checked iNaturalist, a citizen science project, and found three reported sightings. Sadly, no nest locations.

Goshawk Assessment Report
Download • 2.76MB

What's Next?

In spring and summer of 2024 the team will head back out to assess the Angus/Gray/Chapman tenure area.

We're also planning a collaboration/information session this fall with the local wildlife species expert Rand Rudland! You're not going to want to miss this!

Rand is an iNaturalist heavyweight with nearly 17K observations made on the app. He'll share about the plant and animal species found on the Sunshine Coast and in the Community Forest.

How can you help us with assessing for Northern Goshawks?

Download iNaturalist and record sightings of Northern Goshawks or evidence of them.


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