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Sunshine Coaster Bike Race

I had the pleasure of representing the Community Forest at the Sunshine Coaster XC bike race on April 30.  It was a fabulous day for both the weather and the energy of the participants and volunteers.  I got the feeling that this was paradise for all the riders and there was nowhere else they would rather be. I, myself, am not a rider so all the people who came out for this event have my utmost admiration.

Throughout the day I ran a raffle to guess the value of a load of logs harvested from our current Block AN02.  The winner of a “Kona kit”, which I understand to be a full set of riding clothing, was Jennifer Marquis.

There were 120 entries into the raffle and it was most educational to hear what people thought a load of logs is worth.  There were estimates ranging from $2,250 to $1,000,000.  The actual value of the load was $7,133.

This particular load of fir logs will be milled here on the Sunshine Coast and the lumber from it will be used to build a timber-frame house here on the Sunshine Coast.


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