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How to test the Nordic Pulse Mobile App

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

While you’re cozy at home with a hot mug in hand this winter, you can now check out Dakota Ridge grooming conditions on the Nordic Pulse Live GPS Grooming App.

If you prefer checking on your favourite snowy tails on a desktop, go to but if you want to test the new beta version of the app and you have iOS (android to come soon) follow these steps - it's worth it to have all the info at the touch of your finger!

UPDATE: Android app is now available for beta testing!

1. On your phone, go to Apple's app store and download TestFlight

2. After you've downloaded TestFlight you need to click the invite link below from NordicPulse (you can find this link in their Instagram bio as well):

3. Open the app and sign up. Once you're in search for Dakota Ridge and *star* it which adds it to your favourites:

4. Get dressed, get out there and make sure you thank any volunteers you see on your way!

The Community Forest was grateful for the opportunity to support this service for the Dakota Ridge Nordics who provide exceptional winter recreation experiences for our community.


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