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Trail Closure: DeSoto

All trail users recreating around the Phare Lake area, please be aware we will be harvesting in the vicinity of the Desoto Trail.  The trail will be upgraded into a road for logging access and will be closed from Feb 15 to May 1, 2021.  We will post a trail closed notice signs on the trailhead near Over Easy and at the bottom of Desoto in advance.

For approximately 2 years we need to maintain access for activities such as tree planting, and firewood permits.  After our obligations are met, this road will be deactivated and turned back into a trail.

The following notice will be posted on Trailforks advising any out-of-town visitors of this closure as well.  “Desoto Trail closed from Feb 15 to May 1.  Harvest operations are in the area and on the Desoto trail. Watch for heavy equipment and lowbed trucks hauling on Halfmoon-Carlson Branch 3 FSR, Mine Road and Halfmoon-Carlson Branch 1/2 FSR.  Look for posted signage in the area for information, please obey signage and any trail closures.”

If you or other trail users have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Manager Warren Hansen directly at 604-885-7809.


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