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Wildfire Season coming late this year

Thanks to the unseasonably wet and cool weather, there are no current fire bans from the Wildfire Service as the risk remains Low.

There are far fewer wildfires than usual at this time of year and none on the Sunshine Coast.

Did you know? There are over 260 weather stations across the province, and the BC Wildfire Service uses data such as temperature, humidity and wind speed to assess the fire risk. As the conditions become higher risk, that risk is mitigated through things like fire bans.

At the Community Forest, we mitigate that risk by ceasing operations in the summer. This includes suspending our firewood permits once the risk rises b

eyond moderate. Get out there and get your firewood while you can! Free personal use permits remain available for one more week.

Learn more about the BC Wildfire Service including an interactive map of current fires and prevention.

Or visit for information about the FireSmart program and how to request a free home assessment.


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